Why buy with Wheelz and Wheelz

looking for your ideal car? With over 35 years experience in the automotive industry in townsville, the team at Wheelz and Wheelz carry up to 100 cars in stock and are specialists in locating quality vehicles, we hand pick every car based on rigorous standards of excellence. Whether you're looking to spend $5000 or $105,000, we can source thousands of cars via our vast Australia-wide dealer network. Best of all, for guaranteed peace-of-mind every car sold at Wheelz and wheelz has been RACQ inspected.


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1. We Guaranteed Title

When you purchase a vehicle from wheelz and wheelz you are guaranteed clear title to that vehicle. If there is any money owing to a financier on the vehicle by a previous owner it is covered by wheelz and wheelz.

2. Warranty

Most non-commercial vehicles purchased from a licensed motor dealer less than 10 years of age and less than 160,000 kilometers are provided with a statutory Government warranty. In addition, Wheelz and wheelz can assist with extended warranties for your vehicle purchase for up to 5 years from 1st date of delivery.

3. We Are a One Stop Shop

As a Licensed Motor Car Dealer, not only do we sell motor vehicles. We also have experts on staff that can assist with financing and insuring your vehicle purchase, protecting your investment with various fabric and paint protection options, and adding the right accessories to your vehicle to suit your motoring needs.

4. Specialist Vehicle Advice

Our Vehicle salespeople are experts when it comes to cars and can provide specialist advice as to which vehicle best suits your needs and your budget.

5. Vehicle Trade-in

We trade anything, allowing you to drive in and out on the same day you pick up your used car. If you have money owing on your current vehicle we can make the changeover process simple, without expensive bridging loans. Wheelz and wheelz will pay the best possible price for your trade-in vehicle.

6. Workshop Inspections

As a Licensed Motor car dealer we are established in our local community and have been for many years, we jealously guard our reputation. All our vehicles will be subject to strenuous workshop inspections by repco authorised workshops prior to offering our vehicles for sale. Any sub standard vehicle will be wholesaled or sent to an auction house, rather than offer them for sale to our customers. When we sell a vehicle, we also sell our reputation and the last thing we need is an unhappy customer.

7. After Sales Service

Wheelz and wheelz will provide discounts and/or specials from our repco approved workshops for customers that purchase vehicles from us that are not available to someone walking in off the street.

8. Code of Ethics

Wheelz and wheelz is a member of the MTAQ and we follow a strict code of ethics that we operate under within our business.

9. Convenience

Wheelz and wheelz offers a choice of up to 100 cars all in one location, and in many cases will even bring the car to your home or office for a test drive.

10. Local Community Involvement

Wheelz and Wheelz contributes to our local community through sponsorship, be it the local football club, local charities, little athletics, etc.